Rubicon - Heat Exchangers for the Process Industries
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Plant Capabilities

Manufacturing Workshop, Forming Department, Machining Department, Plate & Pipe Preparation Department, Polishing Department, Quality Assurance, Welding Department

Rubicon's Approach to Design of the Equipment: Rubicon Industries Corp. designs and manufactures Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Reactors, Columns, Filter Vessels, and Ribbon Blenders. The equipment is typically designed for process conditions, internal and external pressure and temperature, vacuum service, seismic, wind, and external loads. We examine the advantages of plate size and forming operations to minimize the number of weld seams.

Our in-house drilling, machining, and forming capabilities allow us to complete projects within scheduled time frames. Shop travelers are designed and accompany each project which make quality assurance an integral part in meeting the specifications, as well as our own standard of excellence.


Rubicon's offices are computerized, utilizing commercially available programs for project accounting, project management, shop floor control and labor distribution, component design, purchasing, and contract management. Some of our programs are:

- Autodesk - AutoCad 2000 CAD Design
- Microsoft - Project Manager Project Management
- Codeware - Compress Vessel Design
- Coade-CodeCalc Thermal Rating & Design
- Aspentech - B-JAC Contact Management
- Symantec -ACT 3.0
Manufacturing Workshop  
Production working areas: Indoor (Sq. Ft.)  
Layout & Cutting 3,000  
Machine Shop 3,000  
Main Fabrication 10,000  
Material Storage 2,000  
Testing 2,000  
Office 2,200  

Total 22,200  
Forming Department    
Type Qty. Capacity Size
Plate Rolling (2) to 3/4" Thk. 10' L
Plate Bending (2) to 500 Ton 1/2" Thk. x 12' L
Angle Rolls (1) 3" x 3" 3/8" Thk.
Tube Bending (1)   to 2" Dia. max.
Motorized Rolls (10)   to 80 Ton Cap.
Positioners (5) 10' x 10' to 4500 lbs.

Machining Department


  • 42" Bullard Vertical Boring Mill, complete with 4 Jaw, 7" Thick Chuck, (2) Ram Heads, DC Cone Drive
  • 67" TOS Vertical Boring Mill, Complete with 4 Jaw, 7" Thick Chuck, (2) Ram Heads, DC Drive
  • Le Blond, 19" x 78" Geared Head Engine Lathe, Complete with 4 Jaw Chuck, Taper Attachment, Threading Dial, 4-way Tool Position
  • American 32" x 78" Geared Head Engine Lathe, Spindle Speeds 14-1500 RPM, Complete with 3 Jaw Chuck Threading Dial, Foot Brake, 4-way Tool Post
  • BFW 60" x 14" Radial Arm Drill, Spindle Speeds 30-2200 RPM, Complete with Direct Drive, Power Elevation, Column Clamp, Universal Table, Coolant
  • Pratt & Whitney Model (Triax) CNC Drill, Spindle Speeds, 42-1500 RPM, to 4" Thick, Auto Clamp, Coolant (Two(2))
  • 2-1/2" Drill Point Grinder

Plate & Pipe Preparation Department


  • Bertsch 1/2" x 10' Hydraulic Power Squaring Shear, Complete with Shear Manual Back Gauge, Extra Sets of Blades, Hold Downs, Front Arm Extensions
  • Pullmax Plate Edge Beveler 1-1/4" Max
  • Do-All, Horizontal Band Saw, 13" capacity, Feed and Run Out Table Two(2)
  • Thermal Dynamics, Plasma Cutting Torch up to 1"
  • Abrasive Cut Off Saw

Polishing Department


Maintaining high standards of product cleanliness and purity are essential requirements of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Rubicon offers a wide range of mechanical finishes for maximum sterility and cleanliness. Electropolishing and passivation are subcontracted services.

Various manual and automatic, surface, angle, and Dyna-brade polishing to a #4 finish (Compliant with eGMP) (3A Standard) (Food and Drug Administration)

Quality Assurance


Rubicon Industries maintains certifications in ASME Section VIII Div. 1 conforming to the latest addenda, and provide the following stamp certifications:

Approvals Authorized Expires Cert. #
"U" April 28, 2005 June 14, 2008 4220
"R" April 28, 2005 June 14, 2008 3486

Our inspectors are qualified for Liquid Penetrant and Visual Inspection to ANST TC-1-A standards. Quality Assurance tests available include: mechanical testing, radiography, ultrasonic and magnetic flaw detection, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing, vacuum testing via mass spectrometer, ferroxyl testing, metallographic analysis, surface profilometer and many others (some of which are subcontracted).

Authorized Inspection Agency:
One Beacon America

Welding Department


Weld procedures are developed and implemented with both manual and automatic techniques. These include shielded metal arc, gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, and submerged arc welding processes. Over 100 weld procedures cover many joint design and alloy grades.

Material Capabilities

Steels: Carbon and low alloy steels
Stainless Steels: Austenitic, Ferritic, and Duplex Stainless Steels
Nonferrous metals: Nickel and Nickel Alloys, Copper and Copper Alloys
Clads: Many combinations of steel to stainless and other non-ferrous metal clads can be fabricated. The clad process may be roll bonded, explosion bonded or weld overlayed.

Weld Procedure Process Example

WPS P# P# F# Material Process Thk. Range
1 1 1 4 Carbon Steel SMAW .1875" - 1.728"
2 41 41 41 Alloy 20 SMAW .0625" - .500"
9 1 8 6 SA240/SA516 GMAW .0625" - .750"
23 41 8 41 Alloy 200/SA240 SMAW .0625" - 1.25"
42 10H 10H S S31803 Sandvik GMAW .0625" - .750"
61 42 42 42 Monel GMAW .0625" - .250"
80 43 43 43 Inconel 600 GMAW .0625" - .406"
90 44 44 44 SB575 C-276 SMAW .0625" - .500"

Material Suppliers

Rubicon Industries maintains a database of domestic and international material suppliers including Haynes International, Creusot Loire, G.O. Carlson, VDM Technologies, DMV Stainless Allegheny Teledyne, Sandvik Steel, Avesta Sheffield, and many others.

Transportation Logistics

Once your equipment has passed rigorous testing and receives the Rubicon Industries Corp. nameplate, we offer a variety of transportation options. Our plant is located close to New York barge loading facilities, providing access to all domestic and international waterways and ports. In addition to waterway transport, we also utilize nearby railways and trucking lines for the quick, convenient delivery of your equipment.

The International Airports of JFK, Laguardia, and Newark, make travel to Rubicon's doorstep a convenient trip. Travel arrangements can be assisted through our sales department to make your stay as comfortable as possible.